Approval And Swap

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    AbdelrahmanHasan 8 months ago

    Dears ,

    I registed from a month ago and till now my account isn't approved .

    i need to swap my tokens


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    FirstnameLast 7 months ago

    ok thanks


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    RobertJohnson 6 months ago

    Same problem here. I’m not getting a reply from anyone. 

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    RobertJohnson 6 months ago

    I’ve sent emails. No reply. I need to swap ERC20 tokens for the wave tokens. I registered for an account on the Thore Exchange, then went to login, and received a message that says wait for admin approval. Is this a joke? I’m not getting a response from anyone. I check everyday. And everyday it’s the same thing.

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    MuhammadBakit 5 months ago

    when to be able to swap thore coin erc20 to wave

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