Clear Glass Tiles for Enhancing Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom

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    Charltonshah 1 month ago

    Clear Glass Tile is certainly one of the most popular tiles among homeowners and interior designers who work on a home backsplash, bathroom or swimming pool project. Because clear glass tiles are translucent - you can see through, they've a bright and rich look that opens unlimited possibilities with regards to design.

    Although the meaning of clear/translucent glass is "allowing light to pass through partially or diffusely", it doesn't signify all clear glass tiles are transparent in a way that you can see, for instance, an item or your hand behind it. Clear glass could be the material used to make these tiles, but they could have color or not.

    Back colored clear glass mosaic tiles are by far the most popular in the market. The tiles are constructed of clear/translucent glass how to wear transparent glasses  usually from 4mm to 8mm thick, and they get a coating/painting on the trunk during manufacturing, that will be what gives along with to the tile. Usually they're available mesh attached to a fiberglass sheet or as field tiles such as subway 

    Stained clear glass tiles are constructed of clear/translucent glass which can be stained during its manufacturing process and then cut into multiple pieces. In cases like this, you can see completely through it even when it features a dark stain color, and that's the reason they're not mesh-backed, otherwise you'd start to see the mesh through the glass even with installed. Instead, they're attached to clear-faced or paper-faced sheet.

    Plain or non-colored clear glass tiles are constructed of clear/translucent glass and do not need color in it. Though the word "plain" is employed to spell it out these kinds of tiles, they're extremely elegant and easy to work well with if you wish to give a special "touch" to a home backsplash, bathroom, and shower or swimming pool. Given that they don't have any color inside it and are totally transparent, they match any color from granite counters to kitchen cabinets and easily blend in to the environment.

    Stained and Plain Clear Glass Tiles require more attention when installing. Because you can see what's on another side of the tile, you could end up seeing the trail produced by the trowel once the installer was butting the wall. So it's recommended to use a white adhesive such as mastic and also butter the trunk of the tiles. Make sure to press the tiles firmly from the wall with a grout float and take a peek if there is any air bubbles after every piece has been placed so you could correct the issue ahead of the adhesive dries. Definitely this kind of glass tiles takes more time to put in but the effect is absolutely worth.

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