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    GERD refers to Gastroesophageal reflux disease. The common symptoms identified are heartburn, dental problems, regurgitation and constantly failing to thrive. No physical complications can determine whether a person is suffering from GERD or not. GERD can be diagnosed by manometry or histological analysis. It can be treated even without medications by correct positioning in infants and kids by avoiding long seating just after having a meal. Some dietary measures can also be taken to treat the same. Pharmacological drugs such as antacids, histamine or proton pumps can take up to two weeks to act. Surgery can also be done in patients with prolonged symptoms of GERD. Nursing in the same requires regular reports from patients about the faecal movements, stomach ache or anxiety which can be treated by modifying the diet plans and including some exercises in daily routine. The GERD Nursing Assignment Help is prepared using the given information. 

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