How do I resolve the Protonmail login issues?

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    JohnSmith 1 year ago

    Are you unable to resolve the Protonmail login issue and have no will to go through a number of blogs to find out the solution? There is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you out with the easiest steps so that you can handle the problem that too without any technical knowledge.


    Disable the password manager

    The Protonmail doesn’t support all the password managers therefore you must disable it and enter the password manually. If this works for you then you can visit the official customer support and mail them about the bug describing the issue along with the system details so that they can look into it.


    Use a different browser

    If you are having issues with the present browser then you can check for updates and then try again. If you are using the latest version then you can use a different browser to see if it resolves the issue or not.


    Clear the cache

    You can visit the browser’s settings to get rid of the cache and cookies and then try again. At times clearing the clutter can help you to give that fresh start and you will be able to log in easily.

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    HerbertChilds 1 year ago

    I have heard that proton mail is more secure than Gmail. I read an article on that described the things that we use daily but are not privacy protected. Now I have almost abandoned all and moved to more secure applications.

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