Waiting More than 4 Months for Account Approve

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    AmitSharma 1 year ago

    Hello Bro,

    I waiting more than 4 months+ time to approve my account in thoreexchange. Still, hold some THR ERC20 token which I need to convert into Waves Blockchain. No one knows which way, How I can do it. Please if anyone knows the way plz share here.

    Thank You

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    DeepakSingh 1 year ago

    Bro..I also want to swap and account still not verified if verified please let me know too...


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    IsabellaMccray 2 months ago

    The account is approved after four months. The changes in the account and https://www.bestessaytips.com/best-essay-writers-online/ are ensured for the targets for the field. Teamwork is issued for the approval of the accent on all toppled items for the terms.

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    AnthonyAnson 2 weeks ago

    Some websites take much time for account approval due to security purpose but you are waiting for four months so you have spent much time. Now, you should send an email to the website administration. Well, as a professional assignment helper I just give a suggestion and I wish your problems will be solved soon.

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    LeonardoCaliari 6 days ago

    Estou aguardando também minha aprovação para pôde troca na exchange já aguardo a 4 mêses quando vou ser liberado ? 

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