What Medical Facts Do We Know About Medical Marijuana?

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    RobertRobert 1 month ago

    We know there are cannabinoid receptors in our brain and body. These receptors are designed to interact with chemicals produced in the marijuana plant. There are two main types of these receptors: CB1 receptors which are in our brain, and CB2 receptors which are in our immune system. Both types of receptors are connected to a person's endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates homeostasis and helps a person feel relaxed.It is stored in the body in fat cells. When you get high, you are simply releasing these chemicals into your bloodstream. Therefore, the more fat you have, the longer you will feel the effects. Additionally, eating a fatty meal after smoking can increase the high. The reason is because the THC attaches to the fat molecules, and you simply eat it again. The drug also works best if you are consuming it on an empty stomach, https://gotweed.co.

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    Sebastian 1 month ago

    In the United States, medical marijuana is most often used to ease pain. Marijuana helps people with chronic pain, which a lot of Americans have, especially as they get older. It is not strong enough to treat severe pain, but it does help with chronic pain. It is more popular than opiates because it is safer than opiates.Such marijuana health medicines are available in online pharmacy: https://hawriverpharmacy.com

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